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Aaron Foster

Comedian, Writer

Creator of Platinum Laughs, The Nasty Show (Laugh Factory) tours


On Stage
Based out of


Home Club

Laugh Factory Hollywood, Hollywood, CA


Aaron Foster is a very original and edgy stand-up comic. If you like your stand-up comedy with a bite think Mike Tyson and you get Aaron Foster. There is no topic this comic will not deal with and no joke too fresh or new or cutting for this guy. In a world where too many so-called edgy comics are just hacks who use the f word to cover up unoriginal material or get an easy laugh from an audience who thinks f is edgy, this guy uses his sharp mind to shred whatever catches his interest, even if this is sometimes his own life.

You have to admire a comic who sticks to his guns instead of going whitebread just to get a sitcom or easy gigs in family friendly comedy club. Either Aaron Foster is incredibly suicidal career wise or this guy knows that no other kind of comedy works for him. Still, Aaron Foster does not censor himself on stage and so does not whitewash the final product with sweetening the sound in studio or taking out a lesser moment or two. This is one guy I very, very much look forward to seeing live one of these days.

Aaron Foster. If you haven't met a comic yet that can make you cringe and laugh at the same time, you have to give this guy a listen or five. If you are easily offended, pass, for your own good and grow a pair

A native Chicagoan who spent his youth on both the north and south sides of the city, Aaron Foster later graduated from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana with a BA in Speech Communication. Aaron discovered his love for comedy as an employee of the nationally recognized All Jokes Aside Comedy Club, and has been performing since 1997.

Between 1998-99, Aaron participated in the Canadian Mist, the Bud Light, and the Miller Genuine Draft comedy competitions. Winner of the Salem Orb-E Future Faces Competition in October 2000, Foster was awarded the opportunity to open for the Grammy-nominated singer Jill Scott at Chicago's premier hot spot, The Metro. Foster was semi-finalist in the NBC based "Last Man Standing" comedy competition.

A participant of the Atlanta-based LaffaPaloosa 2001 Comedy Showcase, the comedian was also featured as host of the north side joint The Beaumont on the Chicago- based television show “Ben Around Town.” Aaron has been described by fellow comedy circuit regulars as “An artist who possesses that rare ability of bringing the gift of laughter to a diverse crowd.”

In a recent interview with the talented entertainer, the Chicago Defender asked the artist, "Is laughter the key to breaking down still existing racial barriers?” Foster answered, “It can help.” Among other entertainment stops Aaron can be seen currently as a host and performer at the weekly venue, Comedy at Joe's, located at 904 West Weed Street in Chicago.