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Aaron Kirby

Comedian, Writer

Laughs on Fox, Offspeed Podcast, GameStopTV, Sirius XM


On Stage
Based out of

Seattle, WA

Home Club

Tacoma Comedy Club, Tacoma, WA

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Aaron Kirby is a stand-up comedian from Seattle, Washington. He has made a name for himself around the Pacific Northwest with his charismatic, upbeat style and playful delivery. He takes the audience through the inner workings of his goofy perspective, offering insight to his life. He has performed at Bumbershoot, Comic-Con and the Washington Comedy Festival. Kirby has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Gilbert Gottfried, Mick Foley and Rory Scovel among many others.

As a broadcaster and event correspondent for GameStop Inc.'s GameStop TV, he did everything from in-studio work to reporting from trade shows such as ComiCon. He has been able to interview some of the industry's best talents, such as Chris Parnell, Mark Hamill, and Bruce Willis. As the red carpet correspondent at the 2010 and 2011 Video Game Awards, Kirby interviewed the best actors, designers, and producers in the business.

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Topsies or Bottomsies

Tacoma Comedy Club

Recorded 2.24.2014

Angry Sex

Tacoma Comedy Club

Recorded 2.23.2014

Baker City, Oregon

Tacoma Comedy Club

Recorded 3.8.2015

Adderall is Fantastic

Tacoma Comedy Club

Recorded 1.24.2014

Pedophile Jokes

Tacoma Comedy Club

Recorded 7.20.2014

Complaints About Crossfit

Tacoma Comedy Club

Recorded 7.19.2014

Team Names

Tacoma Comedy Club

Recorded 11.9.2014

Talking Dirty

Tacoma Comedy Club

Recorded 1.2.2015

Condoms and Beer

Tacoma Comedy Club

Recorded 7.20.2014

Musings on Cleanliness

Tacoma Comedy Club

Recorded 5.22.2014

Hanging With My Nephew

Tacoma Comedy Club

Recorded 6.25.2014

Hit Me Up

Tacoma Comedy Club

Recorded 7.20.2014