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Alex Schubert

Comedian, Writer


Alex Schubert entered the comedy scene thinking that women like guys with a sense of humor, and that his jokes and passable looks could get him laid.

He could not have been more wrong.

Schubert is an up-and-comer in the Cincinnati comedy scene, which is a subtle way of saying he hasn't accomplished shit. He began his journey at the tender age of 16 by writing topical jokes for a New York Times blog. When the blog ended, he kept doing his topical joke shindig, then he transitioned to standup in March of 2012. He still writes topical jokes, but he focuses his time and energy on one-liners, bits, and running from people who are chasing him with torches.

Influenced by such comics as Greg Giraldo and Mitch Hedberg, Schubert's comedy is a nonstop badgering of one-liners, many of which have surprising twists that leave audiences unsure as to which direction any of his punchlines will go. These jokes cover topics like the news, his life experiences, and how he feels about his crazy self. One comic described Schubert as "really, really funny", and another said that he "has the ability to turn topics that aren't that funny into something funny". In addition, another comic referred to one of Schubert's jokes as "one of the best jokes I've ever heard".

When Schubert isn't performing anywhere, he does a lot of online comedy writing. Some of his material has been featured on Comedy Central, Huffington Post, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Reddit, eBaum's World, the New York Times humor blog, DailyComedy, and JokeBlogger.

In September 2012, he won the Northern Kentucky University Last Comic Standing competition.

Does Alex Schubert deserve a bio as long as this one? Probably not, but he doesn't give a shit.

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