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Allegra Barnett

Comedian, Writer


A graduate of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, Allegra Barnett began her comedy career as a touring clown with The Greatest Show on Earth. Through Ringling, Allegra performed with everyone from Bob McGrath and Big Bird, to Mishu - the world's smallest man.

Upon completing her tour with the circus, Allegra transitioned into the world of stand up where she quickly became a favorite at NYC clubs and alternative venues - leading to a decade's worth of performing nationwide.

Since then, Allegra has been seen on Disney Channel, The Style Network, The Food Network, "Blind Date", Comedy Time Network and on numerous commercials.

As an improviser and sketch artist, Allegra has performed with Gotham City Improv and written for "Esther's Follies" in Austin, TX.

Frequently contributing to United Stations Radio Networks, Allegra's comedic characters can be heard on top radio programs across the US.

A Rooftop Comedy favorite, her joke "Braces Are Expensive" was given the honor of "staff pic", and spotlighted on the Daily Eight.

With an act that's silly, edgy and hilarious, Allegra Barnett is definitely a comic to watch!

Braces Are Expensive

Laff Spot

Recorded 12.23.2010

The Coke In Cola

Laff Spot

Recorded 12.23.2010

I Want to be Brazilian

Laff Spot

Recorded 3.25.2011

Trick O'Treat

Laff Spot

Recorded 3.25.2011