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Andrew Burnette

Sharp. Dry. Unusual. Laughing at Life.


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Austin, TX

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Andrew was born in New Orleans, raised in Florida, and now resides in Austin, Texas. He began performing comedy in 2005. He has performed in churches, bars, colleges, comedy clubs, on the street, elk lodges, rotary clubs, conventions, interventions, strip-malls, flea markets, and definitely too many restaurants. His stage-show reflects life and is full of: observations, stories of human compassion, and lots of swear words.

To describe Andrew Burnette as different would be using too vanilla of a word. Andrew goes beyond different in that he has circumnavigated the seventh celestial parallel of the Milky Way Galaxy.

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Driving on Ice

The Velveeta Room

Recorded 2.7.2014


The Velveeta Room

Recorded 2.7.2014

Plastic soda holders

The Velveeta Room

Recorded 2.7.2014