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Andy Gold

Comedian, Writer

Comedy Time TV, Hulu, Nick Mom

Based out of

Salt Lake City, UT

Home Club

Wiseguys West Valley, West Valley City, UT

Send booking request to


Andy Gold lives in Utah and writes and tells damn good jokes. He does some other stuff, like hanging out in parks and bullying his roommate, but that’s not important. The winner of the Salt Lake Comedy Festival, Andy has also been featured in festivals and competitions all over the country, including the Boston Comedy Festival, Ventura Comedy Festival, Rocky Mountain Laugh Off, and Idaho Laugh Fest. His damn good jokes have also appeared on Comedy Time TV, Hulu, and Nick Mom which is impressive since Andy is definitely not a mom. A prolific writer, Andy’s material runs the gamut from talking about being a recovering addict to working at his dad’s produce stand, and it’s all tied together by one thing, and one thing only: really big laughs. If you don’t book Andy, he’ll be ok, but your audience will lie awake at night, wondering if they could have enjoyed the show more and laughed harder. Don’t do that to your audience.