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Anthony Solimini


Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, China, Australia and the USA!


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Based out of

Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

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TakeOut Comedy Club

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Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Anthony has been making people laugh since 1962! Being the youngest of four, with three older sisters and an Italian grandmother he had no choice but to enter the world of comedy! This coupled with his travels around the world and over 25 years of working in the banking industry have given him a lot of material!

He loves to make people laugh, loves to motivate people, and loves to get people excited about life!


Opening act for top American and European comedians such as Ted Alexandro, Steve McGrew, Roy Wood Jr., Paul Ogata, Bernadette Pauley, Butch Bradley, Kermit Apio, Tom Cotter (Finalist in Americas Got Talent 2013), John Maloney, Dwayne Perkins, Ruben Paul, Pete Lee and Andre King to name a few!

Finalist in the 2011 Hong Kong Comedy Festival

Founder and Host of the annual Discovery Bay Arts College Stand Up Comedy event in Hong Kong

Creator of Stand Up and Deliver ' The first presentation skills course to be taught in a comedy club

I have performed at comedy clubs around the world in Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, Philippines, Macau and the USA.

Trained and performed under Paul Barstow at Wellesley College in Boston

Performed in the lead role as Gemba in the first Kabuki play to be staged at Wellesley College

Master of Ceremonies for the St. Baldricks Foundation

Live from Hong Kong

Released 2017