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Ben Palmer


Benjamin Palmer


On Stage
Based out of

Los Angeles, CA

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I make people laugh on stage and online. I fuse the two together with Picture Show, my internet trolling and projector screen show.


Morning Edition

“"The undisputed master of Facebook customer service trolling”

— David Bixespan, The Daily Dot

“Picture Show is "The modern day version of crank yankers."”

— Bob Pettit, Aqua Teen, Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell

“"The Oldsteen comments are absurd."”

— Carol Christian, Houston Chronicle

“"Ben Palmer is our Favorite Atlantan of the Day. "”

— Creative Loafing, Atlanta, Georgia

“"Ben Palmer is currently winning the Internet"”

— Dangerous Minds

Judge Joe Brown, Judge Alex 2010 - 2014

My friends and I created court cases and sued each other. I've been the witness, plaintiff, and defendant.

MI's Westside Comedy Theater

Recorded 2.25.2017