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Ben Palmer

Comedian, Actor, Director, Producer, Writer

Benjamin Palmer


On Stage
Based out of

Los Angeles, CA

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Picture Show
by Ben Palmer

I use a projector and screen to tell jokes through pictures. I like to troll and make people laugh. Here are my creations:

City of Atlanta, ordinance announcements, bureaucracy, traffic, gentrification, murder, traffic, stadiums, everything Atlanta.

Hope That Helps. Fake customer service profiles to respond to angry customers

Joel Oldsteen. Joel Osteen's inspirational message, with devilishly truthful responses by alter ego Joel Oldsteen.

I live in Los Angeles, CA



Morning Edition

"The undisputed master of Facebook customer service trolling

David Bixespan, The Daily Dot

Picture Show is "The modern day version of crank yankers."

Bob Pettit, Aqua Teen, Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell

"The Oldsteen comments are absurd."

Carol Christian, Houston Chronicle

"Ben Palmer is our Favorite Atlantan of the Day. "

Creative Loafing, Atlanta, Georgia

"Ben Palmer is currently winning the Internet"

Dangerous Minds

Judge Joe Brown, Judge Alex 2010 - 2014

Witness, plaintiff, defendant.

March 8th

Comedy Underground Seattle, Washington

April 1st

Funhouse Lounge Portland, OR

May 11th

Lost Church San Francisco

May 8th

StarBar Atlanta, GA

May 27th

Voodoo Comedy Playhouse Denver, CO

Feb 25

M.i Westside Comedy Theater Santa Monica, CA

Picture Show at Comedy Central Stage, Los Angeles, CA

Hosted on YouTube

MI's Westside Comedy Theater

Recorded 2.25.2017