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Bill Blank

SpikeTV, Sirrius/XM, Sports Illustrated

Based out of

Des Moines, IA

Home Club

Funny Bone, Des Moines IA

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Like a pot that slowly begins to boil, comedian Bill Blank has an act that simmers to perfection. Slowly paced to encourage all followers, Bill lures you into a false sense of security as he starts his show with topics we can all relate to, and agree with.

An easy going every man with a wit that is as sharp as a razor, Bill's act pushes the envelope without pushing too far. He challenges your sensibilities without making you uncomfortable. He speaks intelligently, without condescending to the masses. In short, he hits it out of the park. In a world where comics often resort to a cheap and easy laugh, Bill goes the extra distance to earn the laugh. Earning the respect of fellow comics and comedy aficionados, Bill believes that it doesn't take an idiot, or a genius, to understand great comedy. Funny is funny. And Bill is funny.

Diverse in subject matter, Bill can appeal to any crowd. Young or old, jaded or naive, rich or poor, smart or challenged. Married, single, parents, children. City dwellers or country folk, they can all relate to the very real, very truthful observations of this master comedian. The gauntlet has been thrown. If you are looking for the same, run of the mill show you have seen a thousand times before, then look away. But if you are looking for a fresh voice, a seed of originality floating in a sea of averages, look no farther. Get ready to laugh hard. You're about to.