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Brent Terhune

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Brent Terhune got his start in stand-up comedy in Indianapolis, Indiana at the age of 16. Most people would describe him as a white man, but according to Brent he “got the black knocked off of him at an early age when he refused to clean up his room” and he is now doomed to walk the earth as a pale redhead or as he likes to call himself a real “OG” or Original Ginger. Not many comics can pull off Brent’s laid-back style of comedy and still remain just as absurd, relevant, and funny as he is. Whether talking about the everyday struggles of being a redhead, life as a college student and radio DJ, or his off-the-wall Uncle Frank and family, Brent is sure to keep you laughing well after he’s left the stage.


Crackers Comedy Club Broad Ripple

Recorded 11.25.2016

Drive Thru For Two

Crackers Comedy Club Broad Ripple

Recorded 3.15.2014