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Brian Million

Comedian, Writer

Being patient is just a polite way of saying, "I hope you're not retarded..."


On Stage
Based out of

Cincinnati, OH

Home Club

Go Bananas, Cincinnati, OH

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Brian wants to live in a world with unlimited stage time, thunderous applause, and a poor self image is attractive to the layDEEZ!

As a comedian, comedy writer, and actor he's been featured on NBC, FOX, and was the lead in all of the Ohio's Lottery "40th Anniversary Millions" commercials.

When he's not making people laugh, you can find this single father pouring through parenting guides as he tries to lovingly survive his two daughter's; teenage years.

His next project, a podcast entitled "Credit Rescue" will be released on iTunes summer 2015.

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Credit Rescue Podcast ITunes | Stitcher Radio

A show that uses comedy to educate audiences about financial literacy and personal credit management

Ohio Lottery 40th Anniversary Millions commercials [Lead]

NBC | Fox (Stand up)