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Brooks Robinson

Comedian, Writer


A true enigma strikes the comedy scene with whimsical tales filled to the brim with enchantment! Never one to be pigeonholed, Brooks employs thousands of different techniques to garner boisterous belly laughs from even the most beleagured amongst us! Whether he's criticizing reality television, exploring the differences betwixt genders, lamenting the days of yore, admonishing the youth of today for being devoid of respect or responsibility, exploring the foibles of raising children, pondering the mysticism of midgets, criticizing politicians, gutting celebrities, timely quipping on today's headlines or debasing the notion "PC", you can count on Brooks Robinson to shamelessly shill until his soul is withered and rotted, unfit for vultures to dine upon! Or, not. Or, maybe none of that is true! HAHA CAN HE EVER TURN IT OFF?!