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Cam O'Connor

Comedian, Booker, Producer


On Stage
Based out of

Cincnnati, Ohio

Home Club

Go Bananas, Cincinnati, OH

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Charismatic, relatable and honest to a fault, Cam O'Connor is one of the hardest working young comedians in the Midwest. In recent years, Cam has done enough for his parents to no longer question his direction in life. In his own way, O'Connor uses his own life, and shortcomings to provide crowds with an escape from their own. He has worked with many of his favorite comedians, like Kyle Kinane, Geoff Tate, and Sean Patton. Cam was a finalist in both the Funniest Person in Cincinnati competition and the Bob & Tom All-Star Contest. A native of Indianapolis, IN, Cam is the creator of Rocketship Comedy, a series of stand-up showcases that have become a preferred destination for many of the most respected names in comedy. Cam now resides in Cincinnati, OH and is very involved with the legendary Go Bananas Comedy Club.

All Cam cares about is stand up comedy. Come see a funny comic that absolutely loves what he does. One might say he needs it.

Refreshing Booze

Go Bananas

Recorded 8.5.2015