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Chad Denick

Comedian, Writer

You'll laugh, feel bad, then laugh some more.


On Stage
Based out of

Seattle, WA

Home Club

Tacoma Comedy Club

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Biography (Written by my butler's assistant)

When Chad Denick started doing comedy, he drove four hours each way to open mics. Chad has since relocated to the Seattle area to pursue his dreams and save hundreds of dollars in gas money. He can be seen regularly at the Tacoma Comedy Club and Laughs Comedy Club. Chad has worked with such comedians as Kevin Pollak, Marc Maron, Gary Gulman, Todd Glass, Emo Philips, and Dana Gould.

Chad uses a combination of silly, dark, and intellectual humor to make people laugh. He’s not shy about making fun of mistakes in his life. What he lacks in shame, he makes up for in sarcasm.

"You're a damn funny son of a bitch." - Kevin Pollak

“You're funny." - Emo Philips

"So funny!" - Gary Gulman

"You're gonna be famous, I hope you know that." - Jeff Dye

“I gotta go get something to eat. I’d invite you, but I don’t like you.” – Bobby Slayton

Seattle Tapeworm Show

Hosted on YouTube