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Chris O

Comedian, Writer


being a comic is a weird combination of a deeply ingrained sense of self-hatred and a grandiose self-absorbed narcissism........

Born in Costa Rica, Chris O has never stayed long in one place. After fleeing Costa Rica at the early age of two. Chris O followed his parents business ventures and volunteer work to Charlotte NC where he grew into his fat body. He then realized everybody’s life sucks about as much as his and that getting older and becoming an adult comes with great responsibility and beer. Instead of accepting multiple NFL offers, lucrative Modeling jobs, thousands of movie rolls with close friends Brad Pitt, George Clooney and millions of dollars in endorsement deals, Chris O decided to throw all those petty things to the side and settle down in Indianapolis In. He then began to pursue a career in stand up comedy

catch Chris O at
Crackers comedy club
Morty's comedy joint
The Sinking Ship
and The Comedy Mosh Pit