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Chris Weir

Comedian, Actor, Writer


On Stage
Based out of

Cincinnati, OH

Home Club

Go Bananas, Cincinnati, OH

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Chris Weir has been described as a “young, up-and-comer” in the world of stand-up comedy. He recently won the 2014 Funniest Person in Cincinnati Contest and he also writes and performs for an award winning, live, sketch comedy show called Future Science (a monthly show held at a music venue in downtown Cincinnati). Chris entertains his audiences with clever joke writing, a broad sense of humor and an engaging style of story-telling. He can be seen performing at comedy clubs, music venues, and colleges throughout the Midwest.

Go Bananas

Recorded 2.6.2016

Creation Museum

Go Bananas

Recorded 12.23.2016

Neighbor Problem

Go Bananas

Recorded 6.16.2018

King of the Beach

Go Bananas

Recorded 6.16.2018