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Chuck Watkins

Comedian, Writer

Appeared on Comedy Central's "Live At Gotham", JFL Montreal, SanFran SketchFest, Your W...


On Stage
Based out of

Los Angeles, CA

Home Club

Cap City Comedy Club, Austin, TX

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Chuck Watkins is a clever comedian and musician from Austin, TX
and thinks you look great in that outfit.

Chuck's comedy has been described as inventive, bombastic, and aggressively silly. He has performed on Comedy Central's "Live at Gotham", as a "New Face" at The JFL Fest in Montreal, SanFran SketchFest, and many more cool places.

His debut album "The Sophistimacated Wit of Chuck Watkins, Esquire" is a staple of SiriusXM, and has also released several conceptual musical comedy albums, including "The Cold Hand of Justice" and the 80s workout themed "Fitnesscise."

The Sophistimicated Wit of Chuck ...

Released 2009