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Costaki Economopoulos

That guy you know from Bob & Tom. Quick Snaps. Football joke enthusiast. NFL Network. S...

Based out of

New York City

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Costaki's humor has been described as smart, pointed, hip, sharp, insightful, socially relevant, and gut-laugh funny. He's performed in all 50 states, covering the country's best clubs, dozens of colleges and private shows, and some of the worst bars in America. Costaki has played the prestigious Montreal Just for Laughs Festival and was such a hit on the nationally syndicated radio show, The Bob and Tom Show, that they put him on their new CD. A talented writer, Costaki's jokes have appeared on The Tonight Show and BET, where he was staffed on two of their hit shows. After a recent performance with Jake Johannsen, Costaki's mother said, "You were better than that other guy." And really, is there anything more to say after that?

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Recorded 5.6.2011

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Recorded 5.6.2011