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Danny Bevins

Comedian, Writer
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Once upon a time a Jesus freak (his mother) and a Green Beret (his father) fell in love, got married and during an act of recreational afternoon delight forgot to use protection. Nine months later a comedian was born. He was named Danny Bevins because the staff at Tampa General Hospital believed the name Dreamkiller Bevins was inappropriate. Since then he’s been arrested, fined, fired, beaten up and excommunicated while being called a juvenile delinquent, soldier, flight attendant, patient, husband, father and lately "disturbingly hilarious”.

Credits include:

Gotham Comedy Live
Billy Gardell Present’s Road Dogs: Chicago
Red Light Comedy: Live From Amsterdam
TBS Sullivan And Son
American Wiseass - Producer
Comics On Duty: We Love You Mrs. Bevins
Winner of 2000 San Francisco Comedy Competition

Comedy Albums:

A Different Kind Of Bad -

Inappropriate -

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Released 2012


Why I Don't Smile

The Comic Strip

Recorded 11.20.2010

Fun at a Funeral

Go Bananas

Recorded 4.21.2012

The Script for My Funeral

Go Bananas

Recorded 4.21.2012

Dining Alone

Go Bananas

Recorded 4.21.2012

Learning About Sex Pre-Internet

The Comic Strip

Recorded 11.20.2010

The Right Number of White People

Go Bananas

Recorded 4.21.2012

All White

Go Bananas

Recorded 4.21.2012

That's How I Was Raised

Go Bananas

Recorded 4.21.2012