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Darren Jaz Rodgers

Comedian, Writer


On Stage
Based out of

Louisville, KY

Home Club

Laughing Derby at Comedy Caravan, Louisville, KY

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5 minutes, a dream and a notebook of disconnected failures. He didn't know what to expect but he knew he had to try it. Sometimes life is about the chances you take. It sounds corny and contrived but it's impressive to twenty somethings who skipped college. He was the guy who dropped out of school, spent his early adult years broke but made sure he took care of his personal hygiene and moisturized every day.

Opened for so and so, did these festivals, won this contest, doesn't describe who he is. His drivers license gives you more insight into his being. He's a cross between his father and his system administrator. An antonym in a wolf costume. A mid-range bottle of wine that turned to vinegar and now is used to drench collard greens. The shell of a vagabonds imagination, the spoke in the wheel of a pancake. You may laugh at such accolades but like you...I hope it works out for him.