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Dave Ross

Comedian, Actor, Podcaster, Writer

Comedy Central, Nerdist, WOMEN

Based out of

Los Angeles, CA

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Dave Ross is a stand-up comedian in Los Angeles. Sometimes his comedy is vulnerable and personal. Other times his comedy is loud, stupid and about butts. You can find him stumbling around L.A. and the country, performing at every festival, club, theater, bar, fire hall or bombed-out stone building that will have him. He's in a sketch group called WOMEN that makes sketches for Comedy Central and IFC's Comedy Crib. He hosts the podcast Terrified on the Nerdist Network. He won a MOTH Grand Slam, he got interviewed on WTF with Marc Maron, and he told a story on Comedy Central's Drunk History. He likes his cat. His cat's dope.

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Holy F--K. Live Comedy!

Released 2013

Traveling Outside of LA

MI's Westside Comedy Theater

Recorded 8.14.2014

Gay Roommate

Rooftop at Large

Recorded 12.14.2012

So Awkward

Rooftop at Large

Recorded 12.14.2012

We Give a Sheet

Rooftop at Large

Recorded 12.14.2012

Dating in Darfur

Rooftop at Large

Recorded 12.14.2012