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Dean Lewis

Comedian, Writer

Ellen Degenres, Last Comic Standing, Winner Wendy's Clean Comedy Challenge, the best p...

Based out of

Dallas, TX

Home Club

BackDoor Comedy Club

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Dean knew at the age of six that he was destined for a life as a stand-up comic as he watched his early heroes - Jonathan Winters, and Alan King. He began his career on the theatrical stage in college and later took a comedy workshop with Bob Hope.
Dean worked as a bartender at the Dallas Improv, mainly so he could study the great comics working the circuit. While he developed his act, Dean sold material to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and has also worked with Chris Rock, Kathleen Madigan and Dennis Miller. For two years, He is currently headlining across the country and performing at corporate events.

British Pilots

Laff Spot

Recorded 3.4.2011

Hallmark genius

Laff Spot

Recorded 7.24.2010

Office Birthdays

Laff Spot

Recorded 3.4.2011

Guns In Texas

Laff Spot

Recorded 3.4.2011

Last Comic Standing

Season 5

The Ellen Degeneres Show

Winner Wendy's Clean Comedy Challenge