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Donald Gibson

Comedian, Writer

Complicating my taxes with pedestrian success more and more yearly!


On Stage
Based out of

Indianapolis, IN

Home Club

Mortys Comedy Joint, Indianapolis, IN

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Full time professional comedian? - Nah.
Semi-Professional funny man? - If you wanna be generous.
A disparate workload/income - yielding mostly pictures of oneself holding a mic? - Bingo.

Donald Gibson began on stage in Cincinnati in early 2011. In that time, he has migrated his base of operations through Columbus, Chicago, and Indianapolis - In hot, relentless pursuit of fame and fortune (and possibly to accommodate his day job.)

In the past 5 years, Donald has been a regular host and /or performer at colleges, clubs, bars, and many an open stage in-between.

Donald's low-key performance has been compared with such legendary emotions as "Confusion", "Awkwardness... Drawn out. Uncomfortable. Awkwardness" and even "Nothing at all. Were you actually talking?"

Take a peek at what five years with a microphone does to a subdued narcissist who can't grow proper facial hair. It's better than this bio would lead you to believe.

Astro Sex

Go Bananas

Recorded 11.6.2013

Ghost Business

Go Bananas

Recorded 10.7.2015

Haves and Have Nots

Go Bananas

Recorded 10.7.2015