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Doug Lewis

Comedian, Writer


Doug Lewis performs at Cap City Comedy Club in Austin, Texas.

Doug started doing stand up comedy in 2009, and was quickly recognized as a comic who struggles with adverbs.

He participated in the 2009 Funniest Person in Austin contest, where he won "Joke of the Night" in his round. He then went on to participate in the 2010 Funniest Person in Austin contest, where he won nothing, and subsequently concluded that contests are silly and irrelevant.

Doug lives in Austin, Texas, where he writes comedy in that upstairs bedroom overlooking the expressway of broken dreams although it's probably just a greenstick fracture, and continues to be tormented by his family, social norms and microphone stands.

Look for him in the 2011 Funniest Person in Austin contest.

References available upon request.

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Recorded 9.15.2011