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Dwight Slade

One of America's most legendary stand ups


On Stage
Based out of

Portland, OR

Home Club

Harveys Comedy Club, Portland, OR

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Dwight Slade brings to mind a 16 year old who refused to grow up. Animated, outrageous and adoringly angry, Slade was the winner of both the Boston Comedy Festival and the Seattle International Comedy Competition. He has been featured on the Tonight Show, Comedy Central and HBO. His comedy has brought him international acclaim after earning a Five Star review from the Minister of Culture of Scotland at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Slade started comedy as a teen in Houston with his lifetime friend, Bill Hicks. His comedic talents have included talk radio, writing and acting, with roles in the films, “Rid of Me,” “Superhero Talent” and the Showtime movie, “Inconceivable.” He has a 2 disc, DVD, “Right and Raunch.”

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