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Eugene Mirman

Comedian, Writer

Host of the Audible Comedy Series 'Hold On with Eugene Mirman'

Eugene's Work with Audible Comedy

My name is Eugene Mirman. I'm a comedian and sometimes I appear on television, which is still a relevant medium for another few years. I voice Gene on Bob's Burgers on FOX and host Hold On, the new comedic storytelling series on Audible Channels.

More about Hold On:
Storytelling aficionado and inquisitive host Eugene Mirman (Bob’s Burgers) sits down with special guests and pauses their true, entertaining, and personal stories to get the funny details they might have left out.

Series Preview

Recorded 9.6.2016

“Thankfully, Hold On is here to make a good first impression!”

— Aliens more advanced than we can possibly imagine are watching, waiting & quietly judging us by our audio programming.

Highlight: Hasan Minhaj episode

Recorded 5.5.2016

Highlight: Jim Gaffigan episode

Recorded 3.8.2017

Highlight: "Weird Al" episode

Recorded 3.8.2017

Highlight: Kumail Nanjiani episode

Recorded 3.8.2017