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Eunice Elliott


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Birmingham, AL

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Eunice has lived several lifetimes in a short amount of time she’s only 22—yeah, right. After enjoying many years as a successful television producer and publicist, Eunice decided to return home to Birmingham to be near family and chill out.

Although a native of Alabama, after graduating from The University of Alabama with a degree in Journalism/Theatre, she has spent the greater part of the past decade traveling across the country pursuing a career in sports media. Whether it was during her time working on SportsCenter with ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut or her Super Bowl run with Tennessee Titans she even has a game ball!, to soaking up the sun in Miami working with the Orange Bowl Committee, to working for a successful sports agent in Atlanta before starting her own public relations firm where she specialized in working with high profile professional athletes and their drama, Eunice has always been able to leave her special brand of comedy and observation in her wake.

On a whim, Eunice decided to move from the background to the stage and performs regularly as a stand-up comedian check her out on youtube, television personality and radio host. Her quick-wit, charm and social commentary have made her a crowd favorite, whether she’s on the stage or in someone’s kitchen she doesn’t do dishes. She will leave you with a smile on your face and a flutter in your heart if the heart fluttering continues, you should see your physician immediately.

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