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Geoffrey Asmus

Comedian, Writer


Geoffrey Asmus is a 23 year old boy trying to become a man, all under the watchful eyes of audience members.

He prides himself on being a little too truthful about the various pitfalls of his journey through life as an awkward
liberal arts degree holder.

Geoff one day dreams of writing a novel about the songs that One Hit Wonders released after their first hit.

Wherever there is a third wheel, Geoff is there in spirit, and wherever there is a lack of eye contact Geoff is smiling.

Geoff lives in Madison, WI and enjoys being part of a comedic community where alcoholism isn't even considered a problem.

He has opened for Sheng Wang, was a finalist in the Twin Cities Funniest Person Contest 2013 and was accepted to Laughfest this year.

In his spare time he chooses not to masturbate, and instead reads Wikipedia. ALOT OF WIKIPEDIA.