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George Anthony

Comedian, Writer


George Anthony
writer, Standup Comic, actor

George's style of comedy is best described as smart, controversial, and also the classic "why women always want the toilet seat down." He attributes his wisdom to never going to college to get "polluted", his words. Somehow George is well received with all audiences otherwise I'm sure he would have quit along time ago. Right?

Born to teenage parents still in high school, George found himself in a pickle. Blah-zay blah, now George does comedy. His delivery is honest and unique to a fault with a hint of arrogance beyond his years. His greatest failures lets you know how serious he is to ruin his life to feed his ego or make you laugh which ever comes first. Always upbeat and ready to take the day on, George lives by his motto, "Art is a rich man's novelty and a poor man's outlet."

In just short years leap years includedof performing stand up comedy George has managed to alienate loved ones and strangers alike for the benefit of $8 on a good night.

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