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Harry Moroz

Adult Swim, Laughing Skull Festival, Laugh Fest

Based out of

Los Angeles, CA

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Harry’s a regular on club shows, alt shows, bar shows, TV shows, pretty much any kind of show except a no-show, which he’s never been to. As a comedian, he’s performed in Gilda’s LaughFest, Laughing Skull Festival, Laugh Your Asheville Off, the World Series of Comedy, and Comcast’s Trial By Laughter.
Harry runs Crane’s Comedy Night in Los Angeles with fellow top-notch persons Trevor Smith, Corbin Recke, and Trish Hadley. He has appeared as the villainous Pie Guy in the web series “An Afternoon”, as well as Phillip on season 3 of Disney’s “A.N.T. Farm”. Phillip was, of course, a 14 year-old unicyclist.

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