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Jay Hollingsworth

Comedian, Writer

Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, Russell Simmons All Def Digital, Laughs TV,


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Los Angeles, CA

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Nick's Comedy Stop

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"Big Irish" Jay Hollingsworth has quickly become known as one of the hardest working comedians in the country. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Jay set out to the east coast and honed his craft on the stages of Boston, Massachusetts. His "charmingly brutal" style has earned him first place in the March Comedy Madness Competition, Best of Boston and finalist in many more-- a regular in sketches for Russell Simmons' All Def Digital-- as well as notable appearances on some of the country's top podcasts such as "About Last Night," Robert Kelly's "You Know What Dude," Greg Fitzsimmons "Fitzdog Radio" and Doug Benson's "Doug Loves Movies."

Jay is the host and creator of the hit live show "No Offense" which features a panel of comedians debating their points of view on several major news stories. By fusing the current with the funny, Hollingsworth offers a peek at the rarely seen arguments held by comedians backstage at comedy clubs every night. Burning the Light has been recorded and featured at the Improv Comedy Club in Hollywood, CA.

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Signs of Getting Older

Tacoma Comedy Club

Recorded 12.31.2014

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Understanding Women

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Lets Clear The Air

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Tricked By A Dwarf

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Feeling The Whiskers

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A Guest Of Size

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Fat Guy on a Plane

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The Notebook

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Recorded 6.8.2014


Tacoma Comedy Club

Recorded 12.31.2014

First Movie Role

Tacoma Comedy Club

Recorded 12.31.2014

The Notebook V2

Mad House Comedy Club

Recorded 3.25.2015