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Jay Whittaker

Comedian, Writer


He’s a comedian, actor, writer, musician, host, proud parent and part-time member of the Decepticons, but above of all, Jay Whittaker is a true entertainer. Jay’s been all over the airwaves of TV & radio, and has been seen on ABC’s “Good Things Utah” and “The Daily Dish”. He’s also a regular on popular morning radio shows such as X96’s “Radio From Hell” & Mix 107.9’s ‘Man Panel”. Jay is also a panelist on the world-famous “GeekShow Podcast”. His knack for bringing to surface life’s funny contradictions, keen observations, or the fatal flaws in common sense. He strives to provide the audience with easy access to his thought process, making him able to instantly relate to any audience in front of him. No topic escapes his satire. His great stage presence combined with his winning attitude, crowd-pleasing charm and goofy nature make him perfect for any audience. Jay’s been well-traveled through his 10 years in the United States Air Force and still continues to wear the uniform proudly this day. He was recently nominated for Utah’s “Best Comedian” & was the runner-up in the 2013 Rocky Mountain Laugh-Off. Don’t miss this guy!