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Jebb Stuart

Comedian, Writer


Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Jebb Lyons is known for giving people abs of steel. His material is so original, relatable and hilarious that your stomach will get a workout from laughing so hard. He has performed all over the mid west and several times in New York City.

It is rumored that he is determined to have his own HBO Special so he can move to a nicer neighborhood. “My grocery store is so ghetto there’s no bank, no salad bar, and the seafood department pretty much consists of fish sticks and hush puppies!” More motivation comes from the fact that he is now engaged and he needs to bring home the bacon to keep him from having to contact Cheaters. He says that he’s excited to give his girl his last name, but he’s nervous about his wedding night. Because he’s never slept with a family member before.

Extremely witty, his style is unique in that his comedy is loved by both rural and urban audiences. This is a comedian on the rise who is sure to become a household name.

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Go Bananas

Recorded 5.7.2014