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Joe DeRosa

Comedian, Writer


Stand-up comedian Joe DeRosa hails from New York and has been seen on the stage, screen and TV. He released an album on the Comedy Central label in June 2010 called The Depression Auction and has appeared on the network in a half-hour special.

He has also been seen on HBO's Bored to Death, IFC's Z-Rock, Fox News' Red Eye and has a number of sketches online at He recently directed a film, Shooting Angles, featuring fellow comedians, Bill Burr, Robert Kelly and Colin Quinn.

He has a band, too, called Funeral in the Mirror.

The First And Last Fight

Go Bananas

Recorded 5.14.2011

Awful PBS Donation Request

Go Bananas

Recorded 5.14.2011

Laugh Boston

Recorded 2.25.2017