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John Kunik

Comedian, Writer


See John November 26 at 8 p.m. at Lourdes Baseball Comedy Night at the Rochester International Event Center, Rochester, MN and featuring at Big Laffs Comedy Club in New Hope, MN, December 9 and 10. Featured at the 2010 Los Angeles Comedy Festival, the 2009 Carolina Comedy Festival and the 2006 Kansas City Comedy Arts Festival, John has been doing standup since the turn-of-the-century,
bursting upon the Twin Cities' comedy scene by cracking up audiences and judges all the way to the finals of the 2002 Twin Cities Laff-Off!

As an entertainment specialist, PFC Kunik brought comic relief to the Alaskan Command before obtaining his MFA Master of Fun Arts. It is evident the moment he steps behind the microphone that he's not "just another comic."

His Unique persona and droll delivery, combined with an uncanny sense of timing, always leave his audiences rocking with laughter while cheering his "Why didn't I think of that?" observations - observations that leave the women snorting as loud as the men.

Put Rodney Dangerfield and Steven Wright in a blender and you'll get Kunik's concoction of sanitized insanity and laid-back surrender to rampant existential annoyance - a brew that consistently delights his audiences.