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Jules Posner

Comedian, Writer


On Stage
Based out of

Los Angeles, CA

Home Club

Punch Line Comedy Club, San Francisco, CA

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Jules Posner is like if the cool older kid who used to buy you beer ended up becoming a comedian instead of a meth dealer. The most relaxed man in California, Jules mixes laid-back observations, laid-back riffing and laid-back flannel shirts into an act that has won him constant bookings at every major comedy club in the Bay Area. He is one of those comics whose writing and delivery make standup seem like it’s just a funny person talking off the top of their head, and reality isn’t far behind the illusion, his riffing pacing his written material in quality.

Jules has been featured on’s No Drink Minimum and’s Road Trip on Hulu. He also performs regularly at SF Sketchfest, is a member of The Business, and was named “not a poser” by Skateboard Magazine’s “are you a poser” quiz. When he’s not doing comedy, Jules enjoys keeping it real.

Working Brunch

Doc's Lab

Recorded 1.28.2017

Visiting Minneapolis

The Business at The Dark Room, San Francisco, CA

Recorded 6.18.2014

Concerts at Eleven Years Old

The Business at The Dark Room, San Francisco, CA

Recorded 5.28.2014

Defending Emo Music

The Business at The Dark Room, San Francisco, CA

Recorded 5.21.2014