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Karl Prohaska

Comedian, Writer

Fifty, Fat, and Funny


On Stage
Based out of

San Diego, CA

Home Club

Mad House Comedy Club, San Diego, CA

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Karl Prohaska based in San Diego.

His early years were spent dreaming of horse racing glory as a Triple Crown winning jockey until it was pointed out that anything that could haul him with any sort of speed died during the Ice Age. It was then suggested that he become a horse.

After high school, ten years in the Air Force gave him the talents of committed drinking and wildly over the top use of profanity which serve him well today.

He began his comedy career in Montgomery, Alabama, winning a series of amateur events. He also ended his comedy career part 1 in Montgomery, when the club owner discovered he liked cocaine more than owning a comedy club. The owner also discovered the DEA took a dim view on that sort of thing.

SOOOOO.. after being put on "hold" for 28 years and becoming a chef along the way, he came back to comedy and the love affair began again.

His comedy style leans heavily on his own life and experiences in both the military, the culinary world and the general absurdities of being a self-aware carbon based life form on this planet. He likes big words and uses them frequently.

Karl is a married father with two terrific kids. He is fully aware that he has three children but knows a little competition never hurt anyone. He is also the proud owner of Shadow, a golden retriever- yellow lab mix, who is the “greatest couch sleeper of this, or any, generation”.

He is widely regarded as loud and disagreeable and should not be trusted.

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