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Kathie Dice

Comedian, Writer


On Stage
Based out of

Cleveland, OH

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Kathie Dice looks like the librarian next door, but don't let that fool you, sarcasm and playful teasing pepper her act, but she really doesn't mean it! wink wink. If we can't laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at?? Everyone else of course! Laughter is full of healing and pain reducing properties.

Would anyone dare to write a comedy about the Virgin Mary? Kathie would, and DID. She performs her solo show, “I’m Just Me…Mary” all over Michigan, Ohio, Florida and even once in New York City.

She can be seen pouring coffee in the HBO movie “American Splendor”, crying over her son Dougie in “Nightowls of Coventry”, feeding her children…ok so it’s her own arm…as a cannibal mom in “Eat Me Johnny", and dragged down the stairs kicking and screaming, thrown on the front lawn and shot in a soon to be released docu-drama that may hit the History Channel, as well as many other independent films over the years.

A wife, mother and hairdresser, she's seen the bright lights of stages all over the Midwest, including The Improv-Cleveland, Hilarities-Pickwick & Frolic, Hilarities-Cuyahoga Falls, Funny Bone Pittsburg, Crackers Indianapolis, Comedy Castle, Jackson Comedy Club, Michigan and Gotham Comedy Club, Above Kleptomania, New York Comedy Club and HA! In New York City and others, a few college campuses like Kirtland Community College, Akron University, Western Michigan University and many many private venues, fund raisers and benefits.

If she can’t make you laugh…she’ll at least make you wonder… “What the heck???”