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Kira Soltanovich

Comedian, Writer

One Hour Stand Up Special You Did This To Me (shot 7 months pregnant) Co-host on the GS...


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Hollywood Improv, Los Angeles, CA

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Kira Soltanovich has decided to write this Bio in the 3rd person, because for some reason it makes rattling off her credits seem less douchey. Here's a list of television shows you may or may not recognize her from. She was a Series Regular on "Girls Behaving Badly" and although she hates listing a credit older than her children, people get really bent out of shape when she leaves it out.

Kira was on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" as a recurring correspondent for over 8 years. She was the voice of the Photo Booth. It might be one of the best gigs she's ever had.

Recently, she shot a 1 hour stand up special titled "You Did This To Me" which she shot 7 months pregnant on Mother's Day 2015. You can find it on Amazon and wherever you stream comedy.

Ms. Soltanovich also has a half hour special on Showtime called "Here Comes Trouble" and has been seen on Nick Mom's Night Out, Last Call with Carson Daly, Last Comic Standing and Stand Up in Stilettos.

Kira has been a writer on game shows, hidden camera shows, talk shows and several sketch shows.

If you happen to channel surf you might catch her on TruTV's "How To Be A Grownup" for 2 seasons.

There's probably more, and I'm sure IMDB can give you some of that information, or you can just call Kira and ask her what else she's done. Did you seriously just read this entire Bio? Mazel Tov.

The Kira Soltanovich Show

Kira interviews stand up comedians who have kids and they discuss how children cockblock their careers.