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Kirk Sheppard

Comedian, Storyteller, Writer


On Stage
Based out of

Cincinnati, OH

Home Club

Go Bananas, Cincinnati, OH

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A fan of stand up comedy all of his life, 2018 saw Kirk Sheppard take the plunge and try his hand at the world's greatest art form. Kirk mostly works clean, which makes him a great choice for gigs that your parents would attend even though he forbid his own mother from attending his standup debut.

Kirk has spent the better part of the last twenty years as a professional mental health and substance abuse counselor. His clients, supervises, and students have always laughed at his jokes and probably not out of pity. So, he thought . . . why not?

In addition, Kirk is also a playwright, theatre critic, blogger, podcaster, photographer, musician, magician, theme park enthusiast, and spent twenty years as a professional wrestling personality in the Greater Cincinnati area. It is his goal to finish his first novel in 2019.

Go Bananas - Pro Am - 10/25/2018

Recorded 10.25.2018