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Krish Mohan

Comedian, Actor, Podcaster, Writer

“he is a thinking man’s comedian and an astute one at that.”


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Pittsburgh, PA

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Krish Mohan is a Nationally Touring, Socially conscious, Indian standup Comedian and Writer who regularly tours the country. Performing at small theaters, listening rooms, DIY venues, comedy clubs, coffee shops, bars, Krish captivates and engages audiences of all backgrounds. With his quirky attitude, charming personality, and intelligent humor, he addresses tackling hot button topics like race, religion, war, immigration, while adding an optimistic, philosophical & sociological twist!

Mohan has also been featured on NPR in New York & North Carolina. He has also performed and sold out shows at several Fringe Festivals (IndyFringe, Pittsburgh Fringe, Capital Fringe, Philly Fringe Arts), where he has been an audience favorite with his unique brand of comedy & social vigilantism. Krish also won the 2018 Pittsburgh Fringe Festival Audience Choice award!

He has also opened for nationally touring headliners like Stewart Huff, Redacted Tonight’s Lee Camp, Hari Kondabolu, Cameron Esposito, Dom Irerra and many more. Krish is also the host of the weekly socio-political commentary web show, “Fork Full of Noodles” and the socio-political interview podcast “Taboo Table Talk”, which includes the weekly news segment, “The Dispatch”.

Approaching Happiness

Released 2017


How Not To Fit In

Released 2015


Get Krushed Exclamation Point

Released 2014


Segways, Race & Love

Released 2013


“"He can address social justice issues like racism, immigration law, and political extremism, and, even if you don’t agree with all of his observations, you can appreciate his sense of humor and his genuine empathy."”

— Pittsburgh In The Round, 2018

“"Mohan’s material is frequently clever if not uproariously funny"”

— Washington Post, 2016

“"Delivers a message with style and truth"”

— Randy Clark from IndyFringe '15

“"Honesty & Funny"”

— Nuvo, Indianapolis 2015

WUNC, The State of Things. NC, NPR


WFDD, Greensboro NPR


WAMC, Albany NPR


Taboo Table Talk

Available on iTunes, Libsyn & Stitcher!

Why Psychedelics Should Be Legalized For Mental Health!

Hosted on YouTube

Arranged Marriages

Go Bananas

Recorded 5.21.2014

Cultural Age Gaps

Go Bananas

Recorded 5.21.2014