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Krishna Reddy

Comedian, Writer


Krishna Reddy's comedy is a reflection of who he is - unique. Born in South Florida to Indian immigrant parents, he quickly had to learn that even though he was different, people still stereotyped him, which got him in situations that were surreal, confusing, and hilarious - usually at his expense. From there, he developed his true talent in playing the devil's advocate, which results in honest and entertaining observations about his life such as being a scientist by day/comic by night, his interactions with strangers, or simply observing the crazy world around him. He simultaneously questions his own identity, feelings, and beliefs while challenging audiences to do the same, making them think - and more importantly, laugh.

Currently living in Tampa, Florida, Krishna is a favorite at well-known comedy locales such as The Improv and Side Splitters. He's shared the stage with touring veteran acts such as Gary Gulman, Tammy Pescatelli, and the Upright Citizens Brigade, among many others, and he has been seen on TBS, MTV, and Rooftop Comedy. All of this combined with his constant dedication to development of his craft make Krishna a promising young comic to watch.

Krishna is currently in the 2nd year of his PhD in Molecular Medicine at the University of South Florida.

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