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Kristin Lindner

Comedian, Writer


"We were in for a fortunate surprise when we caught Kristin Linder at the IMPROV in Addison doing a brief Dallas guest spot as she passed through town. This is a funny lady and classy comedian with strong material. Kristin started out with a family trip to Hooters, a perfect match for this crowd. I'm guessing the Jim Norton audience was probably not typically Kristin's primary fan base. But that didn't matter. As we found out, Kristin was just getting started. Her ATM Doctor and hamster influenced child discipline had the audience in stitches. Kristin can deliver. I am sure we will be hearing more about Kristin Linder out of Houston. I really look forward to seeing more of Kristin's comedy set as a headliner or feature in the future." - Comedy Review by The Comedy Critic

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