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Kyle Fields

Comedian, Actor, Podcaster, Storyteller, Writer

Z-Rock Morning Show, Obtuse Angles Podcast, Host of Dash For Dollars College Comedy Gam...


On Stage
Based out of

Springfield, IL

Home Club

Donnie B's Comedy Club

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Performing across the midwest since 2007, Kyle Fields has also served as cohost of the Z-Rock Morning Show on Lexington's Z-Rock 103 since 2004.

The Obtuse Angles Podcast

We're a comedy podcast dedicated to making you laugh at nerd culture! iTunes, Stitcher and

I Don't Listen to My Uncle Anymore

Go Bananas

Recorded 4.23.2014

Family Feud

Go Bananas

Recorded 5.13.2015

Headlined and opened for Tim Meadows, Tim Wilson, many more