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Lace Larrabee

Fox "Laughs," Viceland "Flophouse," Laughing Skull Festival, Laugh Your Asheville Off, ...


On Stage
Based out of

Atlanta, GA

Home Club

Laughing Skull Lounge, Atlanta, GA

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Lace Larrabee is a perfect southern belle, ready to wow you with a smile and a kind word, while hiding hysterical dark secrets deep within her heart. Weaving tales of her former beauty pageant days with raw jokes about love, family, and work place survival Lace has leveled crowds all over the country. From A list comedy clubs to filthy punk dive bars, Lace’s relatable brand of acerbic wit finds a home wherever working people are looking for a laugh.

Lace has appeared in the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, the She Devil Comedy Festival, the Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival, and clubs across America. In 2015 Lace made her television debut on FOX's Laughs and in 2016 will appear on Viceland's Flophouse.

Lace is represented by Houghton Talent for theatrical, commercial and print work. Please contact her agency at for any casting inquiries.

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Mom's Ready For Grandbabies

Laughing Skull Lounge

Recorded 3.27.2015

Laughs on FOX 2nd Season, 2 episodes


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Psychic Mom

Go Bananas

Recorded 1.8.2013


Laughing Skull Lounge

Recorded 7.11.2012