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The Original Bad Girl Of Comedy


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Los Angeles, CA

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Bold. Brash. Bossy. Brazen. These are just a few of the words that have been used to describe the uniquely talented and comedic energy force known as... LUENELL. Just add to that list of adjectives distinctive, educated, electric and compassionate and you will have touched on the part of this entity that is often overlooked. Sixteen years of viewing the world through the intricate mind of a comedienne have given LUENELL an edge and combination of vulnerability and honesty that is hard to find in today’s world of cookie-cutter comics. Raised and educated in the “burbs”, LUENELL holds a degree in English and deftly applies her vocabulary as colorfully as a painter would to a canvas. LUENELL is an “everywoman” performing from the sticks and “juke joints” of her native Arkansas to the lavish hotels and halls of San Francisco and Las Vegas. The late, great comedian Robin Harris once described LUENELL as “Fearless, like a lioness”. LUENELL’s comedy tells a story. A story that men, women, mothers and fathers, black, white, old and young can relate to. LUENELL says, “Comedy is like a very strong pain pill... making a room full of strangers forget their pain, trouble and fears for a couple of hours. It truly is a powerful, wonderful gift from God.” All we can say is thank God for LUENELL.