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Marv Conner

Comedian, Writer
Based out of

Akron, OH

Home Club

Funny Stop

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Watch Marv Conner perform his stand up comedy on Rooftop At Large

The highlights of Marv's career include appearing in the very successful "American Gladiators- rejected auditions" and "Man Gets Ass Beat By Cop" which have been seen by millions of viewers.
He has performed in the HBO internet series Runaway box, and Man in the box. He also has appeared on Fox 8 Cleveland on the Tony Rizzo show and The Mike Polk Jr. show.
He has written for the late Mike Veneman and owes his comedy insight to Mike as he was Marv's first teacher in comedy and also was a valuable alibi witness.

Marv was one of only three people to successfully escape Alcatraz prison.
His escape led him to look for a job where he wouldn't draw attention to himself.
He has managed to do that with comedy. Marv makes you laugh so hard you forget where you are and who you saw.
He will stop at nothing to make you laugh. No one ever knows what show you will see with Marv Conner but you can bet it won't be remembered. He can do any kind of show but prefers comedy that is edgy or as some people say "Marv Conner you too dirty"