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Mat Alano-Martin

Comedian, Writer

Sirius/XM, The Bob & Tom Show, Limestone Comedy Festival


On Stage
Based out of

Bloomington, IN

Home Club

The Comedy Attic, Bloomington, IN

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Mat Alano-Martin comes to comedy from the world of rock and roll, where he spent 10 years touring North America as a member of several unknown bands and as a tour manager for much more successful, well known bands. With a comedic style that bridges the social and political views of his indie-rock background with the attitude and sensibilities of his rural and blue collar youth, Alano-Martin has appeared at comedy clubs, theaters, punk rock dives, redneck roadhouses, casinos, colleges, living rooms and everywhere in between.

Alano-Martin’s debut album “Profiled as Such” can be heard on the Sirius/XM Raw Dog comedy channel, and he has appeared on the nationally syndicated The Bob & Tom Show, Laughs on Fox TV and at several festivals across the country.

He is also the co-founder of the Limestone Comedy Festival and the Arch City Comedy Festival and the host of the Strangers On This Road podcast.

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