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Matthew Piccione

Comedian, Booker, Producer, Writer

Ontario Improv, Hollywood Improv, Brea Improv, Irvine Improv, The Comedy Store, Ice Hou...


On Stage
Based out of

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Home Club

Ontario Improv, Ontario, CA

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In February of 2009 I entered the humbling world of standup comedy and brought with me a love for laughter, very little money and bad credit. In the 6 years since then, my financial situation is still quite the same. It might even be worse. But my love for laughter has led me to California's best comedy stages like the Hollywood Improv, Ontario Improv, Brea Improv, the Comedy Store, Flappers Comedy Club & the Ice House Comedy Club. Hitting the stage with a wide array of observations about life, people and the world around us.

* I can emcee, do clean or non-clean material

** I also put on benefit shows for medical situations and non-profit programs