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Matt Lieb

Comedian, Writer

Vice TV, Uproxx, Woodrocket


On Stage
Based out of

San Francisco, CA

Home Club

Punch Line Comedy Club, San Francisco, CA

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Matt Lieb is a comedian, writer, actor and street musician/Bone Thugs-N-Harmony cover band. He was named “one of my all-time favorite Bay Area performers” by the award-winning SF blog Courting Comedy and Social Underground called him “a guy that can make you laugh in just about every medium... I expect him to be in a television show that doesn’t suck within a few years. Maybe a Netflix special.” He won 2nd place at the 2004 KZSC Comedy Competition, but the guy who won 1st place no longer does comedy so Matt basically won 1st place. He also won 1st place at the 2013 Rooster-T-Feathers Comedy Competition, which was very validating for him. Matt Lieb has opened for many legendary performers including W. Kamau Bell, Ryan Papazian, Jeff Anaya and 3rd Eye Blind. He is also Glenn Danzig’s neighbor and Emmy-winner Camryn Manheim is a family friend. He writes for Filmdrunk. He has also performed at the Los Angeles Comedy Festival, the Santa Cruz fringe festival, and the S.H.I.T.S & Giggles Comedy Festival in Arcata, California.

FilmDrunk Frotcast

A weekly podcast with plenty of hashtag content to fill the lonely void in your life. It's almost like having friends!

The Mission Position - 10-22-2015

Lost Weekend Video, San Francisco, CA


At some point, once the channel is made and the show greenlit. But here's hoping!


Who needs one when you've got a manager, though?


He has one. So... that's something.


— -Dave Chappelle

“"Cease and desist."”

— -Dave Chappelle

“"P...please don't hurt my family."”

— -Dave Chappelle